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At the heart of the Tallahassee Daylily Society lies a vibrant community of daylily enthusiasts. Fostering friendships and camaraderie among individuals with a shared passion.

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Our Mission

The Tallahassee Daylily Society is an organization dedicated to promoting the cultivation, hybridization, and exhibition of daylilies. We encourage and educate members and the public on the beauty, versatility, and value of daylilies as garden plants.

Driven by a passion for the beauty and diversity of daylilies, the Tallahassee Daylily Society is dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community of enthusiasts who share our love for these exquisite flowers. As proud members of the American Daylily Society and Florida’s Region 12, we strive to promote education, appreciation, and conservation of daylilies through outreach, events, and collaborative efforts.

Our mission is to foster a welcoming environment where members can learn, share knowledge, and celebrate the enduring charm of daylilies while contributing to their preservation for generations to come.

About Our Daylily Society

The Tallahassee Daylily Society (TDS) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the study, cultivation, and enjoyment of daylilies. TDS was organized in 1950.

They held their first show in 1953 with over 1,000 attendees coming through to look at the flowers. Tours of individual daylily gardens were also included when the club, early on, had daylily shows. They conducted adult and children flower arrangement competitions and had numerous flowers for display.

The Tallahassee Daylily Society hosted a National Daylily Convention including several tours to individual daylily gardens.

TDS has since grown to include members from all over the Tallahassee area who share a passion for these beautiful plants.

The TDS holds regular meetings and events throughout the year, including garden tours, plant sales, and educational seminars. Members also have the opportunity to participate in Regional and National Daylily shows and competitions. . . . (read more)

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Joining the Tallahassee Daylily Society, affiliated with the American Daylily Society, offers a myriad of benefits. Access educational resources, network with enthusiasts, and enjoy exclusive events and discounts. Showcase your skills in competitions and receive personalized support from experienced growers. Most importantly, contribute to conservation efforts, ensuring the legacy of these beloved flowers for future generations.

We hope you might find some inspiration here and decide to join us on a fun gardening journey as a member. Click the MEMBERSHIP button at the bottom if you are interested in learning more.

News & Events

Monthly meetings are usually held on the 4th Sunday of each month beginning at 2:00 PM. Meeting location:  UF/IFAS Leon County Extension, 615 Paul Russell Road, Tallahassee, FL  32301 or at Members Gardens.

Please refer to the NEWS & EVENTS page for the monthly schedule in detail.

Upcoming Events! Local News!

Stay up to date on The Tallahassee Daylily Society’s Upcoming Events, Meetings, and Local Tallahassee Daylily Society News as well as Regional and National Events.

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Field Trip
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Field Trip

Like other Daylily Societies, The Tallahassee Daylily Society’s most valuable resource is its members, they often have a wealth of knowledge and experience in growing and hybridizing daylilies. Members can provide support, advice, support, and resources to other members, and help promote the society and its mission.

The Tallahassee Daylily Society often hosts shows and events where our members can exhibit their daylilies, learn from other experts, and connect with other enthusiasts.

Browse a variety of valuable printed resources, information, and links.

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At the LOCAL level, the Tallahassee Daylily Society represents Tallahassee and surrounding areas.

At the REGIONAL level of the American Daylily Society, we are in Region 12, which encompasses the whole state of Florida.  There are fifteen regions in the United States.

The NATIONAL association for daylilies in the United States is the American Daylily Society (ADS) also known as the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS). For more information, visit them here. Their online database of 100,000 daylily cultivars is very useful to daylily enthusiasts.

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UF/IFAS Leon County Extension

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